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At U C Em Facilities we offer a professional CCTV survey service to both Commercial & Residential customers throughout The South East who may have been encountering recurring drainage problems that need to be resolved without delay or want to prevent running in to possible problems prior to a property purchase.

Recurring blockages can occur in drainage systems due to defects or damage in the line that you cannot see or reach.

As a new home buyer or with a commercial property purchase, undertaking a CCTV drain survey is especially important before buying your new property to look for any hidden issues.

Unfortunately, there are many property purchases that find out drains are structurally defective once they’ve taken ownership of the new property and have to possibly pay thousands of pounds to have the drain repaired with no insurance cover.

Re-occurring blockages can cost you time & money on a regular basis as you have to continually clear the blockage which could lead to an even bigger bills due to subsidence issues around your property and repairs.

We can save you time, stress and expensive repair bills by carrying out a professional CCTV to your property with full user friendly reports.