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Drain repairs and manhole relocations
Specialist Drainage Services at excellent prices

Efficient and professional drainage repairs and manhole relocations

Any sort of problem with your home drainage can cause anxiety and upset to your daily routine.

Can my drainage system be repaired?

Householders can experience a variety of different drain problems from a simple blocked drain to actual damage or erosion to your drainage system. We will expertly manage collapsed or cracked drains and misplaced joints and we can also patch and repair pipes if that will fully manage the problem for you.

If we find that you require new drainage – we can also manage that with our drain installation service.

How we help

As experts in all aspects of drain installation and repair, our first step will be to carry out a survey to identify the problem. Once we have done that we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the work that will be required to fix it, as well as full estimate of the costs involved.

We are always 100% open and clear about what will need to be done and all of our pricing is fair and highly competitive.

Manhole relocations

We specialise in moving manholes for a variety of requirements. You may be renovating your property, making changes to your garden, adding an extension or conservatory or installing new exterior buildings like garages or sheds.

The necessity to move a manhole may seem like a major headache, but for the team at U C Em Facilities, this is no problem. We will plan the new position of your manhole, move it efficiently and then ensure that you receive the necessary approvals from your local water company and local authority Building Control department.

We are highly experienced in understanding the high standards which are required by these bodies, so all of our work is guaranteed to be 100% compliant when they come out to inspect it. We are fully conversant with all aspects of the New Roads and Street Works Act in order to comply with its requirements.

Why choose U C Em Facilities to carry out your drainage repairs?

  • Local and family owned team
  • Drainage experts with more than ten years’ experience
  • Professional expertise in all aspects of diagnosing drainage problems and carrying out the right repairs – there is no problem that we haven’t seen and dealt with
  • We take care of all aspects including any liaison with water companies if that is required
  • Highly competitive pricing for a superior service at all times

More information

Get in touch with us if you need more information about our services.

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote for your work.